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G A R R E T T  B Y R N E S  C O M P O S E R

F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Meijer amazed the audience with her fabulous technique in the experimental 'Visions in Twilight' from G. Byrnes. All the possibilities of the harp were brought to their fullest in this piece."

- Noordhollands Dagblad (Dutch Newspaper)


"Several times I wrote "Wow!" next to a work... Garrett Byrnes' "Cosmopolitan Etude Number 7", chock-full of tricks and trouble... contained breath-taking twists or tantalizing passages."

- The Herald Times

"When enjoying "Valley of Butterflies", written in 2011 by Garrett Byrnes, the boundaries of stylistic restrictions disappeared, with the piece being brilliantly adapted for the capabilities of the harp.
Axel Angel, Westfalische Nachrichten (German Publication)



Perplexing Preludes (for Harp Solo)

A set of 8 colorful preludes for concert harpists. Please see the "Sheet Music" page for further details and other harp works available. 


Miserrimus (for Flute, Harp, Percussion & Strings)

A single movement concertante work featuring flute, harp and percussion.  Performance is possible with full string orchestra for larger concert settings, or solo string quintet for chamber concerts.


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