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Capriccio Improvviso (Viola & Piano)

Capriccio Improvviso (Viola & Piano)


Capriccio Improvviso (Viola & Piano) - PDF Score


Duration: approximately 15 minutes

Total pages of music: 27 score pages, plus 11 page viola part

(File contains additional pages with covers, program notes, etc.)


About the work:

Capriccio Improvviso (literally “sudden whim” in Italian) is a work containing rapid and contrasting changes in mood, unexpected turns, and whimsical freedom. Simple motivic material and gestures undergo various transformations and development throughout the work.


In the first section, lyrical lines from the viola are accompanied by gentle but restless tremolo from the piano. After interjections of contrasting material, the viola forces transition to a faster, menacingly playful section. Another short transition of slower music leads to the fastest section of the piece which continually builds tension before exhausting itself and yielding to music of a more pure and serene nature. The final section again relies on motives and techniques found earlier in the work, treating them in fresh ways before the impending quietus of the coda.

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