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Leeds Devil PRELUDES (Flute & Piano)

Leeds Devil PRELUDES (Flute & Piano)


Leeds Devil Preludes for flute and Paino - PDF


A set of Two (2) preludes for flute and piano.  The PDF file contains full score and flute part.  (Please note the flute reads from the full score for the first prelude, and only has a separate part for the second prelude.)


Duration: approximately 5 minutes when performed complete

Total pages of music: 6 score pages, plus 2 page flute part

(File contains additional pages with covers, program notes, etc.)


About the work:

One of North America’s oldest folk tales, the legend of the Leeds Devil dates back nearly 300 years. More commonly known as the Jersey Devil, versions of the story can be traced back to the Lenni-Lenape indian tribe that occupied areas of southern New Jersey, naming a particular region of the pine barrens the “place of the dragon”. In perhaps the most famous version of the story, a woman known as mother Leeds gave birth to twelve children during her life, and upon learning she would have a thirteenth exclaimed “let it be a devil!”. On a stormy night in 1735, Mother Leeds went into an exceptionally difficult labor and is said to have given birth to a monstrosity with wings, cloven hooves, and a tail. It supposedly killed the midwife (and many others in some versions of the story) before letting out a horrible shriek, flying up the chimney, out of the house, and into the eerie pine barrens.


“Leeds Devil Preludes” for flute and piano are brief pieces composed using bits of material from a larger work for the same instrument pairing. The preludes are contrasting in character, and may be performed individually, or as precursory works to the much larger “Leeds Devil Nocturne”.

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