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MOON SONGS (Treble Voice & Harp)

MOON SONGS (Treble Voice & Harp)


Moon Songs (voice & harp) - PDF Score


A cycle of 6 songs for voice and harp based on poems by Carl Sandburg.  The vocal range of this work is modest, spanning the range from middle C, up an octave and augmented fourth, to F#.  It can be sung by either female or male voices appropriate for the range.



1. Feather Lights  (solemn)

2. Moonset  (poco un capriccioso)

3. I Sang  (semplice, bello)

4. Child Moon  (plaintive)

5. Theme in Yellow  (quasi scherzando)

6. Valley Song  (calmly)


Duration of work: approximately 10 minutes when performed complete

Total pages of music: 10

(File contains additional pages with covers, program notes, etc.)

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