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SONGS OF THE SEA (Tenor Voice & Piano)

SONGS OF THE SEA (Tenor Voice & Piano)


SONGS OF THE SEA (Tenor & Piano) - PDF


Duration: approximately 15 minutes

Total pages of music: 21


Tenor vocal range of the work:

B-natural (just below middle C), up to high B-flat (sitting atop first ledger line above the staff).  The vast majority of the work lies very comfortably within the tenor voice range.


About the work:

Songs of the Sea for tenor voice and piano is a cycle of five songs. Three of the songs set poems by Carl Sandburg, one by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and one sets text I have adapted from Herman Melville’s classic novel Moby Dick. The songs, each with their own independent characters, are presented in an arch format. The middle song which contains music of a fast and whirling nature is surrounded by two slow paced nocturnes. The first and final songs of the group are moderate and broad.

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