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THREE PIECES (Flute & Guitar)

THREE PIECES (Flute & Guitar)


THREE PIECES (Flute & Guitar) - PDF


Duration: approximately 8 minutes

Total pages of music: 6


About the work:

The first of the Three Pieces was constructed using the Fibonacci series. The pitch material itself is generated from the series and is used in conjunction with the form of the piece, which is dictated by several golden sections derived from the series. The number of measures, tempo and the “ideal” indicated timing of the piece also relate directly to the Fibonacci series. My intent was to compose a piece that is governed by specific self imposed rules, yet sounds as though it is very free. 


The second piece is more pastoral in mood and explores a few ideas of echo. Pitch material from the first piece is also used in this movement, but at times various pitches have been taken away from the primary set to create a more diatonic harmony. 


The full pitch set is used again in the third piece, this time exploiting dissonance within the set. The notation is more graphically oriented and the piece unfolds over a time scale of three minutes.

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