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VERSE SURGES FORTH (Alto Voice & Marimba)

VERSE SURGES FORTH (Alto Voice & Marimba)


Verse Surges Forth - PDF
Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva
for alto voice & marimba (or piano)



1. Gently, Gently  (poco un lugubre, con molta libertà)

2. Verse Surges Forth  (presto, con un poco di libertà)

3. I Kiss The Crimson Leaves  (moderato, poco un lugubre)


Alto vocal range of work: B-natural (just below middle C) up an octave and a sixth to G (sitting atop the treble staff).


Duration: approximately 10 minutes

Total pages of music: 8


About the work:

Verse Surges Forth is a short cycle of three songs for alto voice and marimba set to the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva. Like so many, the Russian Revolution caused dire turmoil in Tsvetaeva’s life and its effects inherently run throughout much of her poetry. While the majority of the work is to be performed without strict adherence to tempo, the movements themselves follow a simple slow-fast-slow design.

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